Hair Schedule: Stronger, Healthier Strands

Hair Schedule: Stronger, Healthier Strands

Stronger hair in just few steps

But what is a hair schedule anyway?

It's a hair care routine that aims to provide balance and replenishment of essential nutrients for healthy hair.

The hair schedule consists of dividing care into three main stages:


This aims to replenish the water lost by the hair, keeping it moisturised and supple. Products rich in moisturising ingredients, such as aloe vera, glycerin and panthenol, are commonly used in this stage.

Can moisturising be done on any type of hair?

Yes, moisturising is ideal for all types of hair - even the oiliest strands. Ideally, the product should be applied 1 cm from the root. A build-up of product on the scalp can lead to dandruff and symptoms of dermatitis.

What are the benefits?

Moisturising your hair helps to replenish the nutrients and moisture that your hair loses.

The benefits are:

  • Avoid split ends;
  • Combat dry hair;
  • Revitalising hair damaged by chemicals;
  • Eliminate frizz;
  • Leave hair healthier;
  • Provide shine to hair;

Example of hair with and without moisturising:

hair care

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This stage restores the hair's natural oils. These oils play an important role in hair health, providing a protective barrier and helping to moisturise the hair.


  • Soft and shiny hair: Nutrition strengthens the hair's natural protective barrier, providing softness and shine, leaving the hair silkier.
  • Less frizz and controlled volume: Reduces frizz and controls volume, aligning and sealing the hair cuticles for effective protection


No more split and dry ends

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Hair reconstruction is nothing more than a procedure that helps to replenish keratin.
Keratin is the protein that replenishes the mass of hair lost due to exposure to the sun and pollution, for example,

Benefits of hair reconstruction
Hair reconstruction has several benefits, the main ones being:
  • Improving the integrity of the hair;
  • Replenishing the hair's keratin;
  • Reducing hair porosity;
  • Making the hair stronger and able to receive other treatments, such as nutrition and hair moisturising.

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What about after the hair schedule?

In general, after the first week of treatment, you can notice the effects of the hair schedule, such as hydration, shine and softness.

However, it's not because your hair looks wonderful after the treatment that you should abandon the hair schedule.
When your hair is well cared for, you can continue with the treatments and do them as you feel your hair needs. This can vary from person to person.

It's important to maintain all the care and good practices when treating your hair, such as:


  • Using sulphate-free shampoo.
  • Avoid products containing silicones, petrolatums and parabens.
  • Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Scrub hair gently;
  • Let it dry gently.

Don't abuse chemical processes, colouring or heat styling.

Invest in items suitable for your hair type.

However, it's important to be patient when following a hair plan. The results won't be immediate and it may take some time before you start to see significant improvements. It's important to remember that hair grows on average around 1 centimetre per month, so don't expect instant results.

What is the interval from one schedule to the next?

At certain times of the year you may feel a greater need to follow a hair schedule, like at the end of summer, for example.
It can be your greatest ally in recovering hair damaged by the sun, sea and pool.
After finalising the hair schedule process, assess the condition of your hair and consult your hairdresser to adjust your routine


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