Hanna Lee Professional

Developed with powerful assets, Hanna Ultimate Liss is able to straighten, restore, nurture and moisturize the strands, realigning the hair fibers.

Enriched with the Argan and Ojon Oils, it acts preventing the aging of the hair fibers, and granting resistance to the hair. Especially drafted for thick, sturdy, rebellious, afros and curly hair, the Ultimate Liss technology straightens the hair and provides a natural look to it.

Its rich formula with natural assets helps with the hydric reposition, eliminating the porosity and dryness, making the hair smooth and silky for a longer time. Free from formaldehydes and any other conservatives, offers a safe and effective application.

Lactobionic and Lactic Acids: Derived from lactose, they have the ability to retain water in the strands, keeping them hydrated. It also has antioxidant, repairing and pH regulator action. Their bacteriostatic agents, which stops bacteria growth, keeps the hair healthy. Because of its low pH, it acts opening the cuticles in a smooth way, making the straightening works from inside out.

Bio-Restore: Composite by cysteine, wheat derivatives and silicone, it has a high conditioning and moisturizing power. Promotes shine, suppleness and helps with the protein replenishment.

How to use

  1. Separate hair in four parts.
  2. Apply Ultimate Liss in small parts of hair.
  3. Pause for 60 minutes.
  4. Dry the hair.
  5. Use flat iron in small parts of hair by 12 to 15 times.

See the product packaging for more information.

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