Lana, Forest Protein 1000ml


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It is an innovative Formaldehyde-free hair alignment system that allows longer lasting, natural and great results.


Intense nutrition, frize disposal, recovery damaged parts of the strand hair.

Main ingredients:

– Plant protein which strengthen and nurture hair strands.

– Soy oil – rich in omega 3, 6 and vitamin E, which helps in the moistening of the hair making it smoother, brighter and stronger.

– Tropical nuts mix – Rich in vitamins and minerals.


Extremely lined hair with shine, reduced volume, no frizz, silky, super light and soft.


– Easy application.

– Low smoke content

– It doesn’t burn your eyes.

– Light and pleasant fragrance.

– Compatible with all kinds of chemistry.

– Formaldehyde-free.

– It is made of vegetable proteins that nourish while smoothing.


Curly, thick and/or difficult to straighten hair.


1 Lana Brasiles Forest Protein 1000ml


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