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The Forever Liss Botox was developed with unique technology in order to moisturize, reduce volume and align the wires.


The Forever Liss Capillary Botox was considered the “Sweetheart of Salons” desired by all hairdressers who love to succeed with their client, super modern and revolutionary treatment its formula rich in Argan Oil and Vitamin E acts as a high capillary mass repository impact, corresponds to a treatment that corrects defects in the damaged fiber by disciplining the threads, besides providing deep hydration and protein replacement, thus transforming curly, damaged and porous hair into super beautiful hair without frizz, smooth, hydrated, malleable and loose, that’s all a woman who loves her hair needs.


Unique rejuvenating and moisturizing formula smooths, nourishes and recovers wires fighting volume and eliminating frizz providing gentleness and shine like you’ve never seen! – Argan oil: A natural compound rich in vitamins A and E and omega 6 and 9 that are absorbed instantly by all types of hair, providing silky and luminous luster. – Vitamin E: Rich in fatty acids is known as the youthful vitamin, promotes rejuvenation and protection of the yarn.


Hair intensely hydrated, softer to the touch, with luster and controlled volume.


All types of hair.


1 Botox Professional 1 KG


  1. Wash your hair with an Anti-Waste Shampoo. Dry 80% of hair by removing all moisture from the hair.
  2. Divide the hair into 6 parts.
  3. Apply the Forever Liss Botox Intensive starting at the root and with the aid of a brush and fine comb to spread the product well throughout the strands.
  4. Let the Botox act for 10 to 20 minutes.
  5. After the pause time, rinse slightly removing only the excess product.
  6. Dry and brush your hair. Then separate the wires into thin wicks and plank 7 to 10 times each wick. Finalize as you wish.

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