Hair Loss in Breastfeeding

Hair Loss in Breastfeeding

Find out why this phenomenon happens


3 Tips for dealing with hair loss

1. Healthy eating is crucial for many aspects, including hair health. Opting for a balanced diet not only promotes general well-being, but also contributes to the vitality of the hair. Foods such as meat, milk, carrots and beans, among others, which are rich in protein, vitamin A, iron and zinc, are especially recommended for this purpose.

2. When choosing cosmetic products to care for fragile hair, it is advisable to look for items formulated specifically for this type of hair and/or which help to strengthen the strands and prevent hair loss.

3. Avoid overdoing it when combing and washing your hair. The ideal is to limit washing and brushing to a maximum of three times a week during this period. In addition, frequent use of heat tools such as flat irons and hair dryers, as well as aggressive products, can be detrimental to hair health during pregnancy.


Anti-fall allies

In the search for a solution to hair loss, many people turn to a variety of hair products designed specifically to combat this problem. From strengthening shampoos to topical treatments and nutritional supplements, the market offers a wide range of options for those who want to strengthen and revitalize their hair. In this article, we'll explore some of these products and examine how they can help combat hair loss by promoting a healthy scalp and stimulating hair growth.


 Treeliss, Kit Bioplastia Coconut 3x1, 300ml + 150ml + 300ml



Tree Liss' Bioplastia Coconut Treatment Kit appears to be a hair care product designed to strengthen hair and stimulate growth. The kit consists of several products, including the Sanitizing Spray Shampoo, the Bioplastia Coconut Repair Shampoo, the Repair Conditioner and the Hair Restoring Tonic. Here are some of the benefits and active ingredients highlighted in the text:


100% Vegan.

Hair mass replenishment.

Hair restructuring.

Hair nutrition.

pH equalization.

Helps prevent hair loss.

Thermo-protective action.

Provides hydration.

Gives hair intense shine.

Treats seborrhea and excess oil on the scalp.

Suggested use: The kit has an application sequence that involves cleansing the scalp with the Sanitizing Spray Shampoo, followed by washing with the Bioplastia Coconut Repair Shampoo and using the Repair Conditioner. The Hair Restoration Tonic is applied directly to the scalp to activate microcirculation. The treatment can be enhanced by applying the tonic in the morning and evening.

Active ingredients: The main active ingredients highlighted include coconut oil, collagen, vitamins A, B2 and E, biotin and a blend of 18 natural active ingredients.

Brand: The product is from the Tree Liss Professional brand.

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Forever Liss, Anabolizante, Hair Mask For Hair, 240g


The Forever Liss 240g Anabolic Mask is a powerful ally for recovering dry, fragile hair damaged by chemical processes. Its exclusive formula, with ingredients such as soy protein, coconut oil, Aminoplex, Creatine, Arginine and Pro-Vitamin B5, provides deep nourishment, while its moisturizing action hydrates the hair, restoring vitality and movement. Hair is strengthened, more resistant, soft, silky and shiny from the first application. It also stimulates healthy growth. Product released for the low poo technique.

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Lana Brasiles | Inceller Shampoo | Treats And Rejuvenates Hair | Shine And Softness | 250 ml / 8.45 fl.oz.



Developed based on the concept of intracellular action, its active ingredients act directly on the inner layers of the hair fiber, restructuring it from the very first application. Its formula also contains a powerful nourishing complex of oils and vitamins that contributes to perfect repair, leaving hair soft and with a renewed texture.

Complete reconstruction.
Replenishes hair mass.
Progressive and long-lasting hydration.
Shine and softness
Strengthening of the hair fiber.

All hair types.


oconut oil and argan oil.


1. Apply Inceller Shampoo to wet hair and massage gently into a lather.
2. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
3. For best results, use Inceller Conditioner.

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