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Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair With Malina Divina Armor 60ml

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Up to 95% less frizz!

Straightening effect that doesn't come out with water

Your hair protected as you deserve
Problems with frizz and humidity? Malina has gone to great lengths to bring you beauty and hair protection: Malina Divina Armor Finishing Spray. The secret to incredibly soft, protected and frizz-free hair, giving you a salon experience in the comfort of your own home. The effect lasts for up to 4 washes!

The Power of Nanotechnology for Flawless Hair:
Cutting-edge technology has met the world of beauty with Malina Divina Blindagem Finishing Spray. Its exclusive formula creates a protective nano-film on each strand, insulating your hair from humidity for up to 3 washes. Say goodbye to frizz-fighting days! Enjoy hair with up to 95% less frizz, giving you a stunning, long-lasting look.

Reconstruction and softness in every application:
In addition to its impressive shielding capacity, Malina Divina Spray is enriched with a blend of amino acids that aid in hair reconstruction. Every time you apply it, you're giving your hair a dose of revitalizing care. Feel your hair transform from dry and damaged to loose, soft and visibly healthier.

Simple and effective application:
Apply Malina Divina Finishing Spray after washing your hair and drying it lightly with a towel. Apply abundantly, strand by strand, and feel the light, non-sticky texture spreading. For spectacular results, finish with a hairdryer and/or flat iron. The thermo-activated formula reaches its maximum potential when combined with heat, offering flawless hair that lasts.

Top Quality Ingredients:
Our formula has been created with care, incorporating selected ingredients to provide outstanding results:

Hydrolyzed Proteins:

Derived from wheat, corn and soy, these proteins provide strength, shine and protection to the hair.

Essential Amino Acids:

deeply nourish and repair the hair, guaranteeing the restoration of vitality.

Vitamin E and Panthenol:

 Stimulate hair health, providing softness and shine.

Get the flat iron effect that won't come off with water with Malina Divina:

Create incredible hairstyles with confidence, knowing that each strand is protected by a barrier against humidity and frizz.

Experience the Revolution in Hair Care Today!



    Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair With Malina Divina Armor 60ml - BUY BRAZIL STORE
    Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair With Malina Divina Armor 60ml - BUY BRAZIL STORE
    Smooth, Frizz-Free Hair With Malina Divina Armor 60ml - BUY BRAZIL STORE