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Infinita, Prime One, Restoring Conditioner For Hair, 1L

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Prime One Formaldehyde-Free Progressive was developed to provide excellent intramolecular nourishment and reconstruction, leaving the strands more luminous and frizz-free, providing expressive and long-lasting volume reduction..... Be amazed!!!!! Innovative Product with High Quality and Efficient Synthetic Active Ingredients, Non-color fading and non-yellowing. The product offers time saving and perfect straightening for all hair types.

It is based on synthetic and organic acids, citric acetic acid, lactic acid, etc.

After all, what hairdresser wouldn't like to reduce the progressive brushing procedure?

Anti-residue shampoos, used in this first procedure to open the hair cuticle, besides leaving the hair extremely dry and difficult to comb, take up a lot of the professional's time.

Prime One was developed to promote intracellular nutrition with nanotechnology, which makes it possible not to wash the hair. Its effect reconstructs the fiber, leaving it shiny, frizz-free and with a long-lasting straight effect.
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