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Naturelle Cosméticos

Naturelle, Royal Jelly Reduction, Restoring Conditioner For Hair, 1L

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Royal Jelly acts with revolutionary and clean technology in the area of hair cosmetics. Its smoothing is promoted by the molecular filling and replenishment of collagen through hyaluronic acid and mechanical aid (dryer and flat iron), because when large amounts of nutrients, such as collagen in the capillary fiber are deposited, the emolliency of the sulfur bridges occurs and by In the middle of the heat transfer they are molded, when this process is activated the sulfur bridges are fixed in the format that the heat proposes.

Developed based on Royal Jelly, Liss Repair, Nano Link, Cinnamon Extract, among other powerful actives, which promote a perfect straightening, strengthen and recover the hair, prevent damage and breakage, nourish, hydrate and provide extreme softness and shine to the hair.

Compatibility: They are suitable for all hair types. However, if the client has a hair history or has reported past use of henna or more potent chemicals, we recommend a "Stress Test" before applying the product; for professional and client safety reasons.

Procedure: All products are one-step, which means there is no need to wash your hair before application. The product must be applied to dry hair, but in cases where excess oil or cream is noticeable, we recommend
wash it in advance, as some of these residues can affect the penetration of the product. In addition, it should be indicated that dirty hair does not interfere with the penetration of the product.

Contains hyaluronic acid and a large amount of royal jelly
that nourishes the hair. It has an anti-aging function, as the
Collagen works by restoring elasticity (softness and
flexibility) and increasing the strength of the hair fiber.
In what type of hair can I see the full potential of the product?
On hair subjected to successive chemical procedures
that weakened them or made them thinner or more sensitive.
On naturally thinner but voluminous hair.

- 0% formaldehyde, carbocysteine and derivatives.
- It does not change the color and does not yellow blond hair either.
- Compatible with all types of chemical processes.
- It does not waterproof the hair. It does not cause burning, irritation or discomfort. It does not harm the health of client or professional

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Naturelle, Royal Jelly Reduction, Restoring Conditioner For Hair, 1L - BUY BRAZIL STORE