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Portier Kit Exclusive Progressive Brush - 2x1L | 33.8 oz

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Portier Fine Exclusive Progressive Brush - 2x1 Liter Kit

Portier Exclusive Progressive Brush is designed for all hair types. Its formula, with Calamus Oil, is designed to reduce volume and frizz. It also provides deep reconstruction and hydration, thanks to the keratin, proteins, arginine, vitamins A, D, E, F, wheat germ, honeycomb and aloe vera present in its formulation, which are absorbed and then retained within the hair by the heat sealing process carried out by the flat iron.

A fabulous hair straightener with an exciting formula that transforms hair from root to tip. Composed of Intensive Clean Shampoo and Smoothing Beauty Effect Mask, it has high reconstruction and moisturizing power that gives the hair a three-dimensional effect, with a natural look, movement and no frizz.

Exclusive Shampoo: Deeply cleanses the hair, removing product residues accumulated in the hair fiber. Provides extremely clean hair, with completely open cuticles, ready to receive treatment.

Exclusive Mask: Formulated with exotic oils with emollient, lubricating and anti-frizz action. It acts as a conditioning agent, realigning the cuticle surface, giving the hair lightness, softness and movement. Made with Cinnamon extract from China, which promotes a reflective shine to the hair, Myrrh, which balances oiliness and hair loss, Olive, which enhances the effect of the oil.
    Portier Kit Exclusive Progressive Brush - 2x1L | 33.8 oz - BUY BRAZIL STORE