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Salvatore Kit Tanino Therapy A e B 2x 1L | 33.8 oz

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Salvatore Tanino Therapy

Experience hair revitalization with the Salvatore Tanino Therapy Kit A and B. This comprehensive kit includes two 1L bottles, offering a complete Brazilian hair treatment. Infused with science-backed tanino, renowned for its ability to enhance smoothness, shine, and overall hair health, this kit nourishes and smooths deep wave human hair. It works to restore the natural hair structure, increasing resilience against heat damage. Achieve unparalleled sleekness and vitality with this transformative product.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Apply Salvatore Tanino Therapy A-Cuticle Prepper Shampoo evenly to wet hair, avoiding vigorous rubbing of the scalp. Distribute the shampoo from roots to ends.
  2. Rinse thoroughly with cold to lukewarm water, ensuring complete product removal. Pay special attention to the frontal areas and neck. Repeat 2 to 3 times if necessary.
  3. Gently remove excess water.
  4. After washing with the clarifying shampoo, preferably Salvatore's A - Cuticle Prepper Tanino Therapy, remove 50% of moisture with a hair dryer. Apply Salvatore's B - Capillary Styling Tanino Therapy from roots to ends. Use a comb to distribute evenly.
  5. Leave on for at least 30 minutes, then rinse with warm to cold water. Brush gently to activate shine.
  6. Slowly straighten locks with a straightening iron 10 to 20 times, adjusting temperature based on hair type:
    • 180 to 200°C for bleached and sensitized hair
    • 210 to 230°C for colored, normal, and resistant hair.
    Salvatore Kit Tanino Therapy A e B 2x 1L | 33.8 oz - BUY BRAZIL STORE