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Santa Clara

Santa Clara, Touca Termica Metalica 220v, Eletronic For Hair, 500g

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The hair treatment cap is used for dry, brittle hair that has been mistreated by everyday pollution. Designed in a special way, it has a coiled resistance that emanates ions that activate hair blood circulation, strengthening the hair root, eliminating dandruff and seborrhea, reducing hair loss, as well as dilating the pores, allowing perfect absorption of hair treatment creams and lotions. The presence of metallized material enhances the heating of the cap, further improving its benefits.

The Santa Clara metallized thermal cap offers a wonderful and economical treatment for bleaching, dyeing, perming, straightening, etc., leaving hair beautiful and silky.

How to use

- Wash the hair with shampoo until it is completely clean, with no residue at the roots.

- Dry with a towel. Then apply the hair treatment cream, massaging in circular movements with your fingertips.
- Put on a plastic cap (for durability and hygiene of the thermal cap) and then put on the thermal cap, letting it heat up for 20 minutes without turning it off, after which turn off the thermal cap and let it cool naturally on the head for 5 minutes.
- Remove the thermal cap and rinse the hair to remove excess product.
- Hair will be soft and silky after the first application.

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Santa Clara, Touca Termica Metalica 220v, Eletronic For Hair, 500g - BUY BRAZIL STORE