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Ana Paula Carvalho

Ana Paula Carvalho, Kit 1 Rica 2x 1L

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The Rich Treatment Line has been meticulously developed to meet the specific needs of extremely dry and chemically damaged hair. Comprising a unique formula, this line utilizes advanced technology that combines an amino acid complex containing Keratin and Elastin, along with the nourishing richness of Murumuru Butter, Ojon Oil, and Vitamin E.

The primary objective is the restoration of the hair fiber mass, promoting a deep reconstruction of the strands. This set of ingredients works synergistically, aiming to restructure both the internal and external parts of chemically compromised hair. By replenishing the hair mass, the Rich Treatment Line seeks not only to restore the strength and original integrity of the hair fiber but also to repair and rebuild the hair strands, providing a healthy and revitalized appearance.

The synergy between the active ingredients, such as Keratin, Elastin, Murumuru Butter, Ojon Oil, Vitamin E, and Ceramides, enhances the benefits of this line, ensuring a comprehensive approach to hair reconstruction.

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Ana Paula Carvalho, Kit 1 Rica 2x 1L - BUY BRAZIL STORE