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Ana Paula Carvalho

Ana Paula Carvalho, Mainha, Hair Mask For Hair, 1Kg

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Indicated for: All hair types, especially those that are more dry or damaged by constant use of a hairdryer, brush or flat iron.

Mainha Hidrata contains in its formulation Pro-Collagen Synergy complex, an exclusive formula with actives that stimulate the synthesis of Collagen, has the power to deeply hydrate the hair, controlling the absorption of water, immediately eliminating the feeling of dryness, reducing frizz and promoting high softness. Composed of Aloe Vera and Bamboo Sprout bioactives, highly moisturizing natural agents. With aminofunctional silicones with anti-frizz action and intense shine donor. Soothing and moisturizing effect during use with exclusive integrated aromatherapy from Lavender Essential Oil. How to use: Apply to damp hair and gently massage in a circular direction until foam forms, then rinse. Repeat the process if necessary.

Synergy between Assets: Pro-Collagen Synergy Exclusive Technology + Aloe Vera Extract + Bamboo Shoot Extract.

- 01 Hydrating Bomb Mask 1KG
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Ana Paula Carvalho, Mainha, Hair Mask For Hair, 1Kg - BUY BRAZIL STORE