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Cadiveu, Blonde Reconstructor Leave In Step 4, Hair Mask For Hair , 200ml

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Blonde Lock Leave-in, part of the Blonde Reconstructor range, is the ideal leave-in for bleached hair that needs intensive reconstruction. Thanks to PEARL SHIELD technology, its multifunctional formula goes beyond simply protecting against yellowing, providing a real hair transformation.

This extraordinary leave-in contains a powerful adhesive protein that conditions and balances hair porosity, resulting in soft, silky hair free from unwanted frizz. In addition, it creates a protective barrier against UV rays that damage the hair and offers thermal protection, preserving the health of the hair when using heat tools.

And the advantages don't stop there! Leave-in Blonde Lock is also effective in preventing greying caused by contact with swimming pools. Its advanced formulation ensures that your blonde stays radiant and vibrant for a long time.

With this exceptional leave-in, you get a complete treatment for your bleached hair. Protect it from future damage while offering deep reconstruction and intense shine. Try the Blonde Lock Leave-in from the Blonde Reconstructor range now and enjoy flawless blonde hair every day!

Get this revolutionary product from Cadiveu Professional now and achieve stunning, salon-worthy hair right from the comfort of your own home. Take the opportunity to try the other products in the range and maximise the results even more.

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