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Cadiveu, Blonde Reconstrutor Step 3, Hair Mask For Hair, 200ml

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The Acidic Mask Blonde Reconstructor is the ideal solution for bleached hair that needs intensive reconstruction. Its advanced formula and PEARL SHIELD technology guarantee amazing results.

Through the powerful combination of pearl protein and lipids, this mask acts deeply on the hair, restoring the pH of bleached hair and reducing porosity. It also conditions the hair, giving it a softer, silkier texture, and seals the hair cuticles, resulting in incredible shine.

Indispensable for anyone looking for effective reconstruction after bleaching, this mask offers remarkable benefits from the first use for all hair types damaged by the chemical process. Whether you're a luminous brunette or a platinum blonde, you can be sure that this product will take care of your hair, delivering incredible results.

EXPERTS' TIP: Use as a conditioner during daily washing.

Try the Acidic Mask from the Blonde Reconstructor range and restore the health of your hair while achieving a radiant, full of life look. Don't wait any longer to get the hair of your dreams - get this revolutionary product now!
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Cadiveu, Blonde Reconstrutor Step 3, Hair Mask For Hair, 200ml - BUY BRAZIL STORE