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Cadiveu, Kit Detox Home Care, 2x250 + 1x320ml

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Cadiveu's treatment kit for the scalp and hair. The treatment consists of a pre-shampoo, a shampoo and a conditioner that work by cleansing, detangling and conditioning the hair fibers, purifying and nourishing the skin. The Cadiveu Professional Detox Therapeutic Care Kit treatment eliminates excessive oiliness and flaking. Its nutrient-rich formula also treats hair so that it is strong, soft and shiny.

- All hair types;

Cadiveu's Protein Detox is a pre-shampoo treatment. It prepares the hair for the next stages of treatment. Cadiveu Protein Detox restores the hair fiber and protects the hair from the aggressions caused by the astringent action of the shampoo, as well as intensely nourishing it.

- Your hair is ready to receive the next treatment steps of the same Cadiveu Detox line.

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Cadiveu, Kit Detox Home Care, 2x250 + 1x320ml - BUY BRAZIL STORE