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Cadiveu, Kit Plastica dos Fios Duo, 2x 1L

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The Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios Kit is ideal for maintaining the effect of the brush on post-progressive hair.

Its exclusive formula with Argina + Açaípermits perfect hydration and alignment of the hair, leaving it looking healthy and frizz-free.

Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios Shampoo Wash 1L cleanses efficiently without damaging the hair, restoring the hair from the inside out.

Cadiveu Plástica dos Fios Conditioner Wash 1L deeply nourishes and seals the hair cuticles, providing softness and intense shine.

The result is frizz-free, velvety-soft, shiny and moisturized hair.

Get loose, light strands usingCadiveu Plástica dos Fios.
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Cadiveu, Kit Plastica dos Fios Duo, 2x 1L - BUY BRAZIL STORE