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Cadiveu, Suco Verde, Hair Mask For Hair, 220 ml

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Cadiveu Detox Green Juice is the perfect choice for oily hair and sensitive scalp.

Its exclusive formula, made up of ingredients such as Lemon, Jambu, Apple, Menthol, Methionine and Chlorophyll Action, provides effective detoxification for the scalp. This unique blend not only promotes a refreshing sensation, but also stimulates the growth of healthy strands, purifies and tones the hair fibre, as well as eliminating oiliness and flaking.

The result is visibly healthy, shiny, soft, vitalised and invigorated hair. Try Cadiveu Detox Green Juice to transform your hair care routine, providing a refreshing and restorative experience. Your hair deserves this revitalising and balancing treatment.
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Cadiveu, Suco Verde, Hair Mask For Hair, 220 ml - BUY BRAZIL STORE