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Eaê Cosméticos

Eae Cosmeticos, Anti Depressivo White, Hair Mask For Hair, 1kg,

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1x Antidepressant Mask Eaê! Cosmetics 1kg
Antidepressant from Eaê! Cosméticos is a hair mask formulated to restore lost hair mass, rebuilding weakened hair while providing deep hydration. The result is hair with controlled volume and intense shine.

Enriched with macadamia oil, this product creates a protective film on the hair, protecting it from damage and preserving hydration, softness and shine for a prolonged period. The presence of sericin performs a nano-repair, establishing a strong connection with keratin, acting as an adhesive cement in the hair cortex and sealing the cuticles.

The mask formula gives hair intense shine, silkiness, manageability and softness, providing a complete treatment.

How to use:
1. Apply the anti-residue shampoo to damp hair, massaging evenly for a few moments.
2. Rinse thoroughly and, if necessary, reapply for more intense cleansing.
3. Remove excess water with a towel.
4. Apply the Mass Replenisher to the entire length of the hair.
5. Leave on for 20 minutes.
6. Rinse off an average of 80%.
7. Finalise the process by brushing and flat ironing to ensure the reduced volume effect.

Discover the transformative experience of Antidepressivo Eaê! Cosmetics and achieve healthy, revitalised and stunning hair.

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Eae Cosmeticos, Anti Depressivo White, Hair Mask For Hair, 1kg, - BUY BRAZIL STORE