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Eaê Cosméticos

Eae Cosmeticos, High Shine Perfume Capilar, Finishing Oil For Hair, 30ml,

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Hair Perfume - A Touch of Sophistication for Your Hair

Hair Perfume is the ideal finishing touch to complement your brush or hairstyle. This exceptional product gives your hair a sparkling shine and a sophisticated scent, while neutralising undesirable odours such as pollution and fried food. It also provides a silky touch that transforms the hair experience.

This hair perfume is carefully produced 100% by hand, making it the perfect choice for those looking for an enveloping and long-lasting fragrance, while maintaining the feeling of freshly washed hair. Its pleasant fragrance not only stays on the hair, but also moisturises it and gives it an irresistible shine.

With the practicality of being carried in your handbag, this product is your ally for always being perfumed, at any time of day. Its light formula doesn't weigh the hair down and can be applied to both dry and damp hair.

Rinse-free: Does not require rinsing, making it easy to use every day.
Reduces Frizz: Controls frizz, leaving hair more disciplined.
Sparkling Shine: Offers a radiant shine to the hair, enhancing the beauty of the hairstyle.
Sophisticated Perfume: Leaves an enveloping and sophisticated fragrance on the hair.
Odour Neutralisation: Combats undesirable odours, ensuring fresh, fragrant hair.
Facilitates Detangling: Helps with the detangling process, leaving hair more manageable.

Directions for use:
Shake well before use. Apply the product by spraying

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Eae Cosmeticos, High Shine Perfume Capilar, Finishing Oil For Hair, 30ml, - BUY BRAZIL STORE