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Felps Professional Marula Duo Kit 2x250ml 8.4 oz

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Felps Professional Marula Duo Kit (2 Products)

Discover the transformative power of the Felps Professional Marula Duo Kit, expertly formulated to deeply nourish dry and porous hair. This duo offers essential hydration, ensuring your hair not only feels incredibly soft and looks gorgeously shiny but also achieves a perfect balance.

With its alluring fragrance, the Felps Professional Marula Duo Kit not only nourishes but also makes your hair easier to manage and style effortlessly. The kit includes:

Felps Professional Marula - Shampoo 250ml: This vitamin-enriched shampoo initiates your hair care ritual with a burst of nourishment and a delightful scent. It leaves your hair manageable, shiny, and luxuriously smooth.

Felps Professional Marula - Conditioner 250g: Continuing the shampoo's benefits, this conditioner amplifies softness, improves manageability, and restores harmony with its deeply nourishing formula.

Indulge in the enriching benefits of the Felps Professional Marula Duo Kit and explore our diverse range of exceptional products to elevate your hair care regimen. Whether you're looking to enhance shine, restore vitality, or maintain health, Felps Professional offers solutions tailored to your hair's unique needs.

To explore more products from the Felps brand, browse their extensive range of hair care solutions. Discover the perfect products to complement your hair care routine and achieve salon-quality results at home.

    Felps Kit Marula Hipernutricao 2x250ml 8.4 oz - BUY BRAZIL STORE