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Lana Brasiles

Kit Tropical Detox Inceller

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Eliminate impurities, unclog hair follicles, improve scalp oxygenation, accelerate hair growth, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients present in treatments, responsible for giving hair more strength and shine.

Tropical Coconut Powder Shampoo

A new concept is born to clean the hair. Tropical Coconut Powder Shampoo is a charming product: Low Chemical, without losing its cleansing power and without tangling the hair, a fundamental care to avoid hair breakage in the salon. Its creamy foam rinses quickly, saving time and hundreds of liters of water at the washbasin. And the plastic-free packaging was specially designed to help save lives in the oceans.

Inceller Deep Reconstruction Mask

It offers the highest performance in repairing dry and damaged hair, through a light formula full of benefits, thanks to the exclusive combination of highly moisturizing butters and a blend of infused nutritious oils that deliver much more than repair: incredibly soft hair and rejuvenated and luminous texture.

Inceller Professional Contemporary Finish Oil

With noble assets virtuously combined, LANA BRASILES created Inceller Professional Contemporary Finish Oil, for a result of natural effect, lightness, and shine. Contains rosehip oil and pomegranate oil - eliminates frizz, deeply hydrates, and activates the moisture retention capacity in the hair, bringing back life and luminosity to dry hair.

Tropical Coconut Conditioner

It was specially developed for the treatment of dry, dull, and lifeless hair. Its formula rich in amino acids, coconut oil, and vegetable butters replenishes hydration from the deepest layers of the hair, leaving it healthier and more beautiful for longer.

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