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Lizze, Photon Lizze Supreme, Bivolt, Electronic For Hair, 520g

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- BLUE: Accelerates chemical processes and reaches deeper layers;

- RED: Boosts growth and strengthens;

- GREEN: Renews hair fibers and nourishes strands.

Its BLUE LIGHT provides better penetration of the chemical into the hair and the RED LIGHT strengthens and reduces hair loss, while the GREEN LIGHT renews the hair.

- The RED LIGHT penetrates the applied area, reaches the cells and stimulates their metabolism. This translates into better use of nutrients, better elimination of toxins, accelerated cell division, accelerated epithelial growth with better healing, increased protein synthesis, reduced inflammation and stimulated hair growth.

- The device has a BLUE photonic system that accelerates the action of professional hair services such as: progressive and permanent brushes, dyes, balayages, relaxers, moisturizations, reconstructions and straightening. In addition, Photon Lizze prolongs the durability of the procedures and the hair fiber is recovered due to the interference of the photons.

- The GREEN LED causes hair regeneration, activating cellular metabolism and collagen in the hair fiber through cellular microcirculation, bringing back shine and softness to the hair.

These are some of the ways it can be used: When coloring, for example, the pause time is reduced to around 20 minutes, instead of 30 minutes without Photon Lizze. In hydration processes, it acts on the second layer of the hair, eliminating the use of steam or a flat iron and without the need to work strand by strand, as the light acts on the whole head equally.

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Lizze, Photon Lizze Supreme, Bivolt, Electronic For Hair, 520g - BUY BRAZIL STORE