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Portier, Ciclos B-tox Violet, Hair Mask For Hair, 1kg

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Portier Ciclos B-tox Violet is indicated for natural blonde hair, bleached, colored or with highlights.
Its action reduces frizz, restores damaged cuticles and controls hair volume, as well as restoring the platinum tone to hair yellowed by the effects of time and heat.
At the end of the application, you can see a real transformation: hair that is completely aligned, color balanced, platinum and with reduced volume.

B-tox Violet Cycles Mask contains Ultra Blue and Violet which are active ingredients that illuminate light hair. Their action neutralizes unwanted yellowish tones, reviving color and preventing hair from fading. Enriched with polyphenols and organic acids combined with natural resins, it seals, conditions and nourishes the hair. Made with cocoa with excellent emollient, nourishing and shine-giving properties that envelop the hair like a protective film, restoring the natural look to the hair, leaving it light and loose.
    Portier, Ciclos B-tox Violet, Hair Mask For Hair, 1kg - BUY BRAZIL STORE