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Prime, Kit Thermal Complex, 3x 1L

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The Thermal Line has been meticulously crafted to empower professionals to exceed the beauty and well-being expectations of their clients. Our objective is to deliver optimal volume control, treating and enhancing hair with a radiant shine and soft texture.

This specialized line is tailored to address issues such as bulging, bulky, and dull hair with weakened cuticles due to chemical processes, natural wear, or premature aging from a lack of essential nutrients. The treatment orchestrates a fusion of rejuvenating actives that assert volume control, fortifying strands internally for enhanced resistance. The visible outcome is hair that is fully rejuvenated, impeccably disciplined, silky, and shielded against frizz.

To begin, diagnose the hair's resistance and texture. For natural or resilient hair, apply Thermal Shampoo Step 1 three times, massaging the strands during the final application and allowing a 5-minute pause to dilate the cuticles. For damaged or porous hair, wash once with Thermal Shampoo Step 1, repeating the application if necessary.

After removing 80% to 100% of hair moisture with a hair dryer, divide the hair into four sections and begin applying Thermal Complex Step 2. Utilize a fine comb, starting at the nape of the neck about ½ centimeter from the roots. If excess product is noticed, remove it by passing the fine comb. Once the application is complete, align the strands with a fine comb or brush, and commence smoothing with a dryer, leaving the hair straight and smooth.

For fixation and durability, divide the hair into fine sections, plank each section 10 to 15 times, adjusting the temperature and frequency based on hair alignment difficulty. The recommended temperature for healthy or virgin hair is 230º, while sensitized or chemically damaged hair should be planked at 200º.

Moisten the hair and apply a generous portion of Thermal Equil Step 3, responsible for balancing hair pH and sealing the cuticle. Comb the strands, allow it to sit for 5 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly. Optionally, use a leave-in product and finish as desired.

Seriseal: Hair regeneration and sealing. Nanotechnology active in the service of hair beauty, composed of cationic sericin nanoparticles that adhere to the hair's surface, promoting cuticle sealing and protein mass replacement.

Chitosan: Internal cuticle restoration. Extracted from marine crustaceans, this protein derived from Chitin restores the hair fiber by aligning and reorganizing the cuticles, reducing frizz while imparting shine and silkiness.

Argan Oil: Hydration and nutrition. A natural compound rich in vitamin A and essential fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 9, absorbs quickly through the hair, hydrating, restructuring, and nourishing the hair fiber, promoting cell renewal.

Collagen: Healthier hair. A potent moisturizer that enhances elasticity in the hair fiber.

Nano Keratin: Resistance and elasticity. An advanced high-tech system that penetrates micro-cracks in the hair fiber, providing superior treatment, structural resistance, elasticity, and impermeability, resulting in an immediate reduction in static electricity, reducing volume and frizz.

Cysteine: Internal fiber strength. The primary amino acid in hair Keratin protein, responsible for the chemical bonding of strands, restoring and strengthening the interior of the fiber, providing flexibility and elasticity.

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Prime, Kit Thermal Complex, 3x 1L - BUY BRAZIL STORE
Prime, Kit Thermal Complex, 3x 1L - BUY BRAZIL STORE