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Qbella, Cristalização Reparação Absoluta, Hair Mask For Hair, 1Kg

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QBella Absolute Repair Crystallization by Qbella Professional Developed with the highest technology and specially formulated with quality raw materials, it promotes the elimination of frizz through thermal realignment (heat-based). Through its high penetrability in the cortex, it promotes the encapsulation of the hair with absolute nutrition, increased elasticity, exceptional shine and antioxidant power, moisturizing and revitalizing the internal and external structure of damaged hair, also promoting hair recovery.

How to use: Apply QBella Absolute Repair Crystallization after washing the hair, blow-dry 70% to 100% and divide into 4 equal parts. Apply strand by strand, always respecting 1 centimeter from the root, leaving a pause time of 20 to 40 minutes depending on the structure of the hair, realigning the strands with a fine-tooth comb every 10 minutes. Once the pause time has elapsed, rinse the hair with plenty of water, dry, brush and flat iron in thin strands 5 to 10 times each strand using a 180°C to 190°C flat iron. Finish as desired.
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Qbella, Cristalização Reparação Absoluta, Hair Mask For Hair, 1Kg - BUY BRAZIL STORE