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QBella, Extrato de Babosa, Hair Mask For Hair, 250g

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Babosa Extract Mask is a great treatment for dry hair or for those who want deep hydration. Aloe vera in the hair helps control oiliness and stimulates healthy hair growth.

How to use:

Apply the Aloe Vera Extract Mask to the hair and distribute evenly, gently massaging strand by strand or using a wide-tooth comb
Leave on for 7 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
Finish as desired
The result of Babosa in the hair is incredibly beautiful and treated strands, with silky and soft hair, as well as powerful hydration and mega-healthy growth.

Indications: Suitable for all hair types, especially dry and brittle hair.


- Restores
- Protective
- Shine
- Emollient
- Deep moisturizing
- Oil Control
- Stimulates healthy growth
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QBella, Extrato de Babosa, Hair Mask For Hair, 250g - BUY BRAZIL STORE