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Lana Brasiles

Tropical Coconut Smoothing Hair Treatment 100ml + Hair Mask 200g + Powder Shampoo 200g

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Tropical Coconut Smoothing Hair Treatment 100ml

Main Ingredients:

Coconut oil and vegetable proteins.

Hair Types:

Curly or wavy.

Lana Brasiles products are exclusively for professional use.

Step by Step:

1. Wash hair with your preferred Deep Cleansing Shampoo.
2. Towel or blow dry hair until slightly damp.
3. Divide hair into sections and apply product with a brush, distributing evenly using a fine-tooth comb, strand by strand, without excess.
4. Leave on for 20 to 35 minutes. Tip: Processing time may vary depending on hair type.
5. Rinse hair without completely removing the product.
6. Blow-dry hair straight using a hair dryer and brush.
Tip: For coarser roots, use a circular brush at the roots to straighten well.
7. Flat iron hair, strand by strand, up to 10 times each.
• Always use professional flat irons to maintain a stable temperature.
• For blonde hair, a maximum temperature of 200°C or 392°F is recommended to avoid color oxidation.
At "Step 7," the hair is already finished, but for optimal results, follow the steps below.
8. Allow hair to cool.
9. Rinse hair and dry with a hair dryer.
10. Flat iron each strand up to 10 times again.

Hair Mask Tropical Coconut 200g

This mask has a powerful action that combats hair fiber dryness. Its intelligent ingredients provide intense hydration, leaving hair soft, luminous, silky, and healthy-looking from the first application.

Step by Step: Apply the TROPICAL COCONUT mask to damp, clean hair, strand by strand. Start from the ends and damaged areas, working towards the roots. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse. Style as desired.


Powder Shampoo 200g

A new concept for hair cleansing emerges. Tropical Coconut Powder Shampoo is a delightful product: Low Chemical, retaining cleansing power without tangling the hair, essential for preventing breakage. Its creamy foam rinses quickly, saving time and hundreds of liters of water at the salon sink. Plus, the plastic-free packaging is designed to help save marine life.

Main Ingredients: Powder Shampoo

Coconut and Tapioca.

Hair Types:

All hair types.

How to Use:

Take a small amount (about 3g) with a coffee spoon. Place in a container of your choice. Take it to the sink. Then, sprinkle over wet hair, massaging gently. Rinse well.

    Tropical Coconut Smoothing Hair Treatment 100ml + Hair Mask 200g + Powder Shampoo 200g - BUY BRAZIL STORE